A film by Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre di Sciullo, Lorenzo Mattotti and Richard McGuire


The rapid grazing of spider legs on a bare skin …
Unexplainable noises that we hear at night, child, in a closed room …
A big empty house in which we guess a presence …
The needle of a syringe that inexorably approaches …
A dead thing trapped in a jar of formaldehyde …
The stare of a big dog showing teeth …
So many shivers that we have experienced, one day or another, as the artisans of this journey that leads us to the land of anguish.
Six great graphic authors and comic book creators animated their nightmares, scratching the paper of their sharpened pencils like scalpels, erasing the colors to keep only the sharpness of the light and the black ink of the shadow.
Their intertwined narratives make up a unique fresco, where phobias, repulsions and dreams come to life, showing fear in its darkest face …
White fears and black humor for the dark rooms …

Technical sheet

Title : Fear(s) of the Dark
Authors-Directors : Blutch, Charles Burns, Marie Caillou, Pierre di Sciullo, Lorenzo Mattotti, Richard McGuire
Scriptwriters : Jerry Kramsky, Michel Pirus, Romain Slocombe, Butch, Charles Burns, Pierre di Sciullo
Artistic director : Etienne Robial
Produce by : Prima Linea Productions, Valérie Schermann and Christophe Jankovic

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